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Hola from the UK's number one Anglo Cuban band. We are from the Latin Quarter of St Albans known as "El Campo" or "The Camp".
We have released three albums: "Never Mind the Bongos", "The inauthentic sound of Cuba" and "Live from the Latin Quarter" (available from Amazon and Itunes). We have twice topped the Soundclick World Cuban Charts.
Our music mingles traditional Latin numbers such as Guantanamera, some of our original tracks and interpretations of pop songs in Cuban styles including "I gotta Feeling"and "The Final Countdown".

We are known for our live performances at festivals which have included Rhythms of The World, Croxfest, St Michael's Festival, Togfest, Leamington Spa Peace Festival, The Acoustic Festival of Britain, Asparafest and The Three Rivers Festival.

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